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Welcome! This is part of Ganontowers movie page. Hope we can make this Zelda movie happen! Here are the Updates:


Update -- February 28, 2002

(The Picture Above)This scene is near the climax of Link. Our heroes can see the true horror of the Mountain of Death. They speak softly to each other as if they are afraid of alerting something to their presence. However, the true horror has yet to be revealed, for it's beyond their comprehension.”

LINK: Oh my God, why do I still feel like I can do this, despite what we've just seen, and what lies ahead?

RAND: It's because you love her.

LINK: I just hope it's enough.

RAND: Knowing you, it's plenty.

LINK: You know I can't let you go with me any further this time.

RAND: I know, I know

To all of Joe's fans & Supporters,

Joe would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me. Over the past several months I have received more letters than I could count, and of those letters a surprising amount of them are from other countries. Although most of the time I am unable to respond, I would like to say I appreciate each letter and all comments I receive. However, I would like to comment on some issues, so most of your questions will be answered.

First of all, the trilogy idea is based on the Zelda series, but adjusted to fit a sensible timeline. Its not based completely on one game, or even the entirety of any of the games. The end plot line is of my own design, and it is based on the characters portrayed.

Second, The story itself is very dramatic. It deals with elements familiar to the Zelda fan, but also has different elements to keep them guessing. A truly dramatic screenplay however, must include several elements to work in conjunction with rising and falling actions. I have included suspense, humor, excitement, romance, with other elements like horror and shock. Without the different elements, you may as well watch someone playing the game. Turning the animation into only an action film is completely incorrect, and you may as well have Arnold Schwartzenegger voice act for Link. (Not that there is anything wrong with Arnold movies, he’s my favorite action hero. Lets just leave him in his own realm of films, and leave Link to someone else)

Third, A story must have more than 3 characters, especially if it’s a saga. An amount of chemistry between characters is very important to give the story an even flow. Please, don't label new or existing characters with stereotypes. You'll only embarrass yourself.

Finally, the story should be animated. There are too many elements in the story that would be too cheesy looking to do in live action. I go to one of the most prestigious art schools and I am learning the techniques involved in live action special effects, and as good as our technology is, there is something that still lacks. And for everyone who loves or hates my art and is wondering if the film will look like my art, the answer is no. I am not drawing the entire movie myself. At 24 drawings per second, the number of drawings required to make a film is staggering. The animators and art directors experienced in the field will determine the best look in relation to the time and finances provided by the backers. However I would like to see an artistic hybrid of "A Link to the past" and "The Ocarina of time."

I know that Nintendo has been watching the movements of Ganons Tower for some time now, and in turn following my own movements based on the site. And unfortunately, more people have emailed me than to Nintendo. Although Nintendo isn’t in the movie making industry, they are still involved, because they have the final word. So far none of them have directly contacted me, automated messages seem to be their thing. I would seriously prefer it if they did before I take my leap to several studios, especially since I don't want them to think I'm going to destroy or overtake their franchise. If they had a better understanding of what I am trying to do, I would feel much better about my goals. Although I cannot tell people what the plot is and everything involved for reasons of security (I don’t want anything stolen) I hope you will continue to believe in me. Please send in the letter if you haven’t, and if you believe in me even more, send in your own. There is a simple equation, thousands of letters = a market. Only then will my animated film be a reality.

I must say that above all, directing animated films is my dream, outside of marrying the woman I love of course. And after watching the end of the winter Olympics, I have come to learn something. Dreams for many come crashing down, but for most, simply trying and being seen is enough. Everyone who competed in the Olympics are dreamers that made their dreams a reality. They gave everything they have, inside and out, regardless of the outcome. In turn, they gave us hope that regardless of the size of our dreams, which may also come true. I am going to push for my dream, and with some luck, it will come true. As for making the animated movie “LINK” I will push for that too. This movie isn’t just my dream, it has also become yours, and I am truly grateful that we can share this dream together no matter what the outcome may be. In the meanwhile, flood Nintendo with letters, until a human being responds. You can also continue to flood mine too, I appreciate all of the encouragement and support, it really helps.

Thank you for your continuing support, and I am looking forward to reading more of your letters!

-Joe Morriss
For the past year, Joe Morriss has been creating art exclusively for Ganon's Tower. Joe's artwork is top of the line, and each piece of art is painstakingly detailed with love and care. But why does one person go through so much trouble? Its simple, Joe has been harboring a secret only few of us have known, and I for one feel fortunate to have caught a glimpse of it. For the past couple of years, Joe has been writing a script for the first of 3 "Legend of Zelda" Movies he hopes to make, the first of which is entitled "LINK." Since the script has almost reached its completion, Joe has been making storyboards. His movie idea is nothing like that insulting cartoon Nintendo came out with years ago. In fact, the pictures he displays on the Ganon's Tower website are just tidbits of the trilogy. Out of trust, Joe allowed me to view part of the opening scene of the script. After reading it I thought it was an excellent beginning to a great storyline and I knew if given a chance, this could be a very successful movie. Although all of the fan fiction I receive at Ganon's Tower is all very good, Joe has something that gives his script an edge and separates his story from the rest. Although I could continue to give you glowing remarks about Joe's art and his ability for writing, the script might never see the light of day. That's why Joe's in need of our help. Joe knows that Nintendo owns all copyright and trademarks and all of the other legal stuff that protects them from people stealing their ideas and their work. Joe also knows Nintendo is faced with thousands of people sending in movie, book, and game ideas everyday. Nintendo, and especially Shigeru Miyamoto, needs a reason to even look in Joe's direction. That's where we can help. If we can generate enough hype, that might give Joe the chance he needs, especially since he wants to direct the movie to keep it from getting botched up. In reality, Joe would do this movie for free, he says "Its in a sense, a tribute" and a story about what he considers a true hero is. Here's how you could help. Send emails to friends and fellow fans as well as your support to Joe, me, and especially Nintendo. Maybe, just maybe, with enough letters, they'll be interested.

In an interview a while ago(September 22, 2001), Ganonstower was able to get a few details about the first movie in the trilogy, entitled "Link" from Joe.

"In "Link" you will see well known characters such as Link, Zelda, Ganon and Impa. Several known characters also make cameo apearances. The movie also stars two new characters which are important in all three movies, which will remain nameless. "Link" touches a little bit on where Link came from and leads us to the typical game outline by the end of the movie, yet leaving it open ended for the first sequal. The triligy eventually opens up the past of Links family and gives the viewer a better understanding of who Link truely is and the real struggle between good and evil in the land of Hyrule, which goes farther beyond Link himself."

Keep checking back, as Joe will be providing us with exclusive details from time to time!

Joe has given us a letter to mail to Nintendo in support of this movie. Please copy the text shown below and email it to

Dear Nintendo,

For many years now, we have seen many great games based on "The Legend of Zelda" series, now we want to see it taken to the next level. With many books, and the poorly written cartoon based off the "Legend of Zelda," we would like someone with a fresh perspective, motivation, and vision, to create a film of higher caliber. We would like you to consult Joe Morriss and allow him to direct his story we believe in.

Thank you.


Below is an actual reply from Nintendo to the letter that I have asked people to send in support of the movie.


Thanks for your suggestion that we make a movie based on The Legend of Zelda.
Although we're not involved in the motion picture industry, several movies
based on Nintendo games have been produced in the past several years: Super
Mario Bros. The Movie, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, two Mortal Kombat
movies, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back,
Pokemon: The Movie 2000, and Pokemon 3: The Movie. We haven't heard of any
plans for a big-screen version of the game you mentioned, but you never know
what the future may hold!

In regards to your suggestion that we contact Joe Morriss to request his help
in making a film based on The Legend of Zelda, we are unable to do this. If
this person wants to secure the rights to make a film base on this game, he
will need to be the one to contact us.


Nintendo of America Inc.
John Elsberry

Nintendo's home page:
Power Line (Automated Product Info): (425) 885-7529