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What you need to know about the Triforce.
In this paragraph you won't learn about The triforce, but you will learn that this page is dedicated to The Triforce. You will see alot about the Thr Triforce in this page. This is a special page about The Triforce. Well, I hope you like the page!


The Triforce
The Triforce is made up of three sections, Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Din is the goddess of Power( Ganondorf owns this power of The Triforce), Nayru is the goddess of Wisdom( Zelda owns this power of the Triforce), and Farore is the goddess of Courage( Link owns this power of The Triforce).

The Legend of The Triforce
Before life and time began, before the world took a shape, three golden godesses with unlimited power, decended upon the chaos that was hyrule, Din The goddess of power, Nayru the goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, the goddess of courage. Din, With her strong flaming arms, made hyrule, and created the red earth. Nayru Poured her wisdom into the earth, and created the spirit of law. Forae's rich soul Created the life forms to uphold the law; Humans, Poeple of Light, Kokori Poeple of Forest, Gorons Poeple of Fire, Zoras, Poeple of Water, Shiekia, Poeple of Shadow, and the Greudos, Poeple of Spirit. When the Goddesses left this realm, they left a sacred relic at their area of departure: the Triforce. He who Gains the triforce will be able to make any wish. Any wish they want. If a Person unworthy of the Triforce obtains it, they shall keep the part they most belive in and the other two parts shall be given to mortals, chosen by destiny. To obtain the entire triforce, one must find and destroy the beings that have the parts. The Triforce symbol shall show on the back of their hand if they possess it, when they call upon its power. That is the Legend of the Triforce passed down by the Shiekia. The triforce is still hidden and has never been found.

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The Power of The Triforce
The peices of The Triforce are powerful seperate, but when you bring them together for one person they become a powerful and dangerous (depending on who holds the power of The Triforce)force, fortunatly to obtain if you're the right person(like Link). The Triforce is a powerful thing and is not to be messed around with, and should not be underestimated!

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