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Right now there isn't any fan fiction, but I hope to have some soon. I will be sending in stories once in a while(hopefully). Please send your stories. I'll put all on my site...if they can all fit!

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Shadows and Dust
By Chris (ZeldaWriter)

After a boy saved a forest...

After a boy opened the door of time...

After a man saves a land and becomes the Hero of Time...

After a mask of power is stopped...

After a boy saves more lands...

The person that once threatened that he would once come back, would return more powerful than before...

Chapter One

The Legend Returns

It took 7 years for Hyrule's hero to return from lands far and near. What Hyrule had not realized is that their hero had become known to other lands and was not only Hyrule's person anymore.

First, he had saved Hyrule from a man known as Ganondorf, who was about to take all of the Triforce and make the Sacred Realm full of Evil. Ganondorf failed in his wishing, and was killed by Link, but with his last breath and control over the Triforce of Power, he tried to kill Link and the Princess Zelda by making the castle collapse. Link and Zelda yet escaped and ran away from the collapsing castle. Yet Ganondorf still had life left in him, and used the Triforce of Power and became the monster known now as Ganon. Huge and with two swords in hand, he knocked away the Master Sword that Link possessed. Link now had no choice but to use the sacred Light Arrows and the other sword that he possessed, the Giant's Knife. Then Link was surrounded by a ring of fire, with the Master Sword and the Princess outside of it. So Link shot a Light Arrow at Ganon's eyes and blinded him. Then he used his Giant's Knife for the first time, but it was so heavy that Link had to use two hands. He himself risked not using his shield but his other weapons. So he slashed the tail of Ganon, and wounded Ganon for a second, and Ganon was ready to fight again. So Link yet shot another Light Arrow and repeated the process. On the third time doing this, Ganon retaliated and used his sword and knocked Link into the fire wall where Link was then burned. Link still had little energy left in him and shot a Light Arrow at his eyes again. He slashed his tail, but this time, after the slashing of the tail, the Giant's Knife had broken. Once again, Ganon recovered and went after Link yet again. Link shot another Light Arrow, but he was running out of Magic to do this. His Magic Power was still yet weakening. He went behind, and used what was left of the sword to finally knock Ganon down to his feet. The ring of fire stopped its flames then, and Link had enough time to run and grab the Master Sword to finish what it said in the legend, Whence the King of Evil has fallen to his feet, thence the fire will stop, and the Chosen One shall pick up thine Legendary Sword and put an end to the King of Evil, and seal the King of Evil into the Evil Realm with the help of the Seven Temple Sages. So he picked up the Master Sword and Ganon with the rest of his strength, got back up to his feet. He shot the Light Arrow in Ganon's eyes, and stabbed Ganon with the Master Sword in the tail. Ganon this time ran at Link. Link was out of Magic strength and he only had one choice. Ganon slashed his sword at Link and hit him to the wall again. Link fell to the ground after that, and stayed there for a while. Ganon posed at victory, and celebrated slashing his swords in the air. Ganon then stopped and saw that Link was getting up. Link looked like he was at the edge of death, but dragging his feet so he could get up. He got up and Ganon charged at him with more speed. Ganon slashed his sword, but Link with the last of his strength, rolled through Ganon's legs and slashed his tail. Ganon fell to the ground, for the Master Sword had almost come to its full power. The Princess Zelda then became the Seventh Sage, and used all her magic to hold the King of Evil down. Link was to finish Ganon, the Master Sword had then reached full power, and it glowed with a blue color all over the blade. Link first slashed Ganon's arm, then his chest, and then finally right in-between Ganon's eyes. Ganon got up, and screamed while the Seven Sages sealed him into the Evil Realm, where Ganon once again became Ganondorf.

Second, he saved a land known as Termina, where the Four Giants had lived and guarded their temples and guarded all over Termina and Clock Town. Link had become a boy again for he had to lay the Master Sword back to rest. He kept the Ocarina of Time, and had once again located his faithful and trusty horse, Epona. While he was riding, two fairies scared the horse intentionally so Link would fall off. A kid who wore a mask stole the Ocarina. Link went chasing after him but then the mask that the kid wore allowed the kid to do powerful things. He had made Link become a Deku kid. The kid had also stolen the horse and gave it away to someone else. Link then found out that the kid had made the moon start to fall and make it fall in three days. Link then had three days to wait for a while. He then had gotten his Ocarina back and played the Song of Time, which was the song that the Princess Zelda had taught him to return back to the first day of when he had gotten there. He returned to a man who then taught him the sacred Song of Healing, which he then found out that the power that the kid had cursed him with was a mask that made him a Deku kid. Link then found other masks and saved all Four Giants from the kid. Link then knocked off the kid's mask, but then the mask used its own power to become one person. Link then ended up in a place where there was plenty of grass and trees. He found other kids that were dressed like the kid that wore that one mask. He then was asked to give up all his masks and he then was given one mask by a kid that looked exactly like the kid that wore the mask and he had the same mask on too. This kid was a good kid that wore the mask and gave Link a mask that would make him fierce enough that he could defeat the mask known as Majora's Mask. He had gained the Fierce Deities Mask, which made him bigger, older, and stronger and a better sword. He then defeated Majora's Mask three times and stopped the moon from falling.

Third, he saved two lands that both had the same connection to each other because two of the Goddesses of Hyrule came in person and became Oracles of Seasons and Time. Din, the Goddess of Fire became the Oracle of Seasons and Nayru the Goddess of Spirit became the Oracle of Time. Link was knocked out by a portal where Din found him. Din had taught Link how to dance after Ling had regained consciousness. Din was then taken away by a General of Darkness. Link set out and regained the eight sources of the seasons and the wand of seasons to change the seasons to get enough power to fight the General of Darkness. He defeated the General of Darkness and was just about to save Din, but the General of Darkness turned into a dragon. Link still defeated him by slashing him in the eyes. Link then went through another portal to a different land where Nayru hid. Nayru sang while Link watched her and then the Queen of Evil took her away. How did the Queen of Evil enter Nayru's realm??? Link has a Triforce symbol on his hand, and there was a stone in front of the entrance to the realm with the same symbol. Link was able to move the stone. Link didn't know that it was the Queen of Evil because the Queen of Evil had possessed the body of Zelda's assistant, Impa. The Queen of Evil came out of her body and took Nayru away. Link then regained the eight sources of time and the harp of time to change the time. He then defeated the Queen of Evil, but when he was about to save Nayru, the Queen of Evil became a hornet. Link still defeated her by stabbing her in the stinger. Link then found out by both the General of Darkness and the Queen of Darkness taking both Oracles of Time and Seasons opened the Evil Realm where Ganondorf was to come out. Link went into the Evil Realm and stopped Ganondorf before he could get out. The power was restored to both lands Holodrum and Helodrum.

All that land saving took 7 years. What happened to Hyrule in all those years??? Well, the King of Hyrule died and the Princess Zelda had to take over the thrown as Queen but was still considered as Princess Zelda for she had no marriage with any Prince in the land. Then the other leaders of Hyrule and Princess Zelda decided that each part of Hyrule has to have a representative and create the Council of Hyrule. After that was created, the Zoras agreed to share land with all kinds of people and creatures. The Kokiris and the Great Deku Tree also agreed to share land with all kinds of people and creatures and open up their land. Then, also the Guerdos agreed to become a part of Hyrule once again and settle peace and allow all kinds of people and creatures and also open up their land. Then the Hylians in the new Hyrule city where the new Hyrule Castle was agreed to share their land with all kinds of people and creatures and also open up their land. Then, after the land of Termina had seen what had happen with the Council of Hyrule had done with other lands, Termina agreed to join the land of Hyrule and had also agreed to share their land with all kinds of people and creatures and also open up their land. All, this happened in seven years.

Link, at the age of 19 now, decided finally that he would return to the land that made him a legend. He sent word with a messenger that traveled fast. He gave word to the Council of Hyrule that he was coming.

Now there were three representatives for Hyrule City because of the population and two for the Zora's because of their population. The representative for the land of Termina was General Edduic Hedenil. The representative for of the Guerdos was the brother of Ganondorf, General Galif (Guerdos don't have last names). The representatives of the Zoras was Queen Ruto since she thought that Link as her husband and General Hasik. The representative of the Kokiris was Saria, the sage of the Forest Temple and owner of the Sacred Forest Meadow. The representatives of the Hylians were General Iverik Rov, Commander Decimus Yahning, and the ruler of Hyrule, Princess Zelda.

Link then saw a sign that said, Welcome to the land of Hyrule. The first land he saw, was a place with a lake in the middle. He was wondering what was going on, because he couldn't figure why Kokiris, Hylians, Zoras, Guerdos, and people from Termina in the Zora's land. To see why, he went to go ask the people and creatures that were there.

People saw him, and had confused faces that were basically saying something to themselves. Is this not the one that has saved our land from the past???? Is this not out legend???? Link walked up closer and asked, Why do I see so many creatures and people here, hast something happened that I am not aware about?????

All the creatures and people looked at each other only thinking. Why doesn't our legend or some other person know about this happening??? Then the Hylian that felt like he had seen this person before replied, Good Sir, if you don't know what has happened, I shall tell you. It all started with...

Look, I already know about the Council of Hyrule, just tell me why all these people and creatures are here...

All the lands agreed to share all there land with all the different creatures and people. That my Sir is why all these people and creatures are here.

Link got a smirk on his face and said, Thank you my dear person, I shall tell the Council what a good citizen you are.

Everyone stood in astonishment seeing that their hero had returned. The man stood there just thinking, why does he have a smirk on his face??? Then Link said under his breath as he left, Dumb @#$

Chapter Two:

The Long Way

As Link came out into the open, he could see the sun setting over the place that looked familiar, yet it was not. He looked to the northwest and it had tall buildings. He saw a huge clock tower to the east more, but that was the land of Termina. Where was the land that made him a legend?

Then he looked north, and there it was, Hyrule Castle. When he saw that he said to himself, There really is no place like home. As he walked up the hill to see more of Hyrule Castle, he just didn't find a castle with a town area. He found Hyrule Castle with a city surrounding it. There were towers and buildings taller than the ones to the northwest. The city had even added its own Clock Tower. Then near the castle they had created Twin Towers.

The one to the left was called Suramon. This was the tower where Hyrule met and talked about other lands, making peace, signing ranks, and their military base. It was smaller than its twin. It always had people in it no matter what the situation.

The one to the right was called Hylik. This was the tower where Hyrule met and talked about war, leaders, voting, rights, and laws. It was the taller of the two twin towers. It had people in it but there was enough room if Suramon was to evacuate that it would hold all the people in that one.

The Clock Tower was called Lylian. It was made out of pure crystal, then it was very hard to find. Every hour at the Grand Festival, the clock bells rang. It was much bigger than the one in Termina, but Termina claimed a better fireworks display. Hyrule City didn't care.

It became night. You people think, oh!! Ganon is gone so no more monsters out at night. Well, guess what, if you thought that you are a freak of nature and you don't know very much about Zelda, especially after you beat both games in the Oracle series. If you think that, wait, if you do think that get the hell out of my book. No I'm just kidding but still, you are pretty stupid if you thought that.

Link didn't see any in sight yet. He saw the gates of the city close. Then he knew that it would be a long night before the gates opened back up. The closest place from Zora's River was the Kokiri Forest. Well, he saw the path that went in the direction of the Kokiri Forest. It must have been new, because it ran through a forest that he had never seen. When he was walking there, he heard a sound, but he kept on walking.

He was in the deep forest where there was barely any moonlight. Then he heard the noise again, but then he saw eight red eyes in front of him. Then in the back there was a tall figure that had yellow eyes. There was another path that led to an open space. So he ran that way. He ended up, in a dead end. All there was over there was a huge stone wall that had gates at it saying GATE TO HYRULE FIELD. Then he saw that the creatures with red eyes were from a different place because of their ears. They were not pointed.

People, don't tell me I'm stupid now, but they had gray skin. Guess what, alright so maybe you can call me stupid. Yes, these guys are called Orcs. Well, you would know what they are if you have read or seen Lord of the Rings. No I'm just kidding, they aren't Orcs, but they looked like them. They were called Kirocs. They used sticks with pointed sides.

Then the one in the back was called, a Dorinad. Dorinads stand at 7 feet tall and use a club as their weapon. No other special thing about them with the exception of dragon's eyes. They have excellent vision in the day, even better at night.

The first Kiroc aimed for Link's rib, Link then dodged it and while the Kiroc was bringing his weapon back, Link slashed his sword at it and the head went flying. There were still three others and the Dorinad left.

The Dorinad came charging at him and hit Link in the chest with his club. Link went flying and hit the gate. Link was on the ground trying to get some air, but then came the Kirocs. All three of them started hitting Link. Link pulled his arm up with his sword and it scared one so it would fly back. He then had a split second to slash the others, which he did. He hit them both when he swung, but they didn't die, they just flew back.

Then, despite all of the damage that Link had taken, the Kirocs looked at each other and screamed. Then one of them yelled out Kiromac!!! Yin nal Kiromac!!! This in English meant, Reinforcements!!! Call for reinforcements!!! Then as soon as they yelled, about five other Kirocs came.

Link went charging after them, slicing one's head off and killing another by the sword through one's stomach. The others started attacking him, but then they stopped and saw a red flash coming at them. It was the power of Din's Fire. They all burned and had become only a pile of ash.

He then saw a huge club coming at him. It hit Link back to the wall where he went down. This time he was down longer. This time he got time to get air. Then just about, oh lets say twenty more Kirocs came.

The only words Link could say is, I'm in deep

All the Kirocs came charging at him at once and he had no choice but to swing blindly. Then he remembered Nayru's power that was given to him. He used it, and they could not strike him.

He swung his sword three times and killed five Kirocs, but the more he killed, the faster they started coming in. By the time he had killed forty there were about one-hundred twenty there ready to kill him. The affect of the power started wearing off. Then he saw a face that looked very familiar. It was the face of a friend that he thought was someone else when it turned out to be the one he had met years before. That's right, the face of Sheik appeared.

Link stood there in his blue shield, only thinking about why Zelda was here. After all the thinking and the affect of the power was almost worn out Link asked, What the heck are you doing here?

The figure looked at him, but had a confused face. The figure said, You must have mistaken me for someone else, for I donÒ€ℒt know who you are.

Stop lying, and stop the fake voice.

I am serious, don't know who you are.

Yea right, and I'm supposed to believe you.

Do you really have a choice?

Look, prove one

Just then the power of the shield wore off, but all the little Kirocs were standing back from the moment the figure had gotten there. No time for talk, we must put an end to this corruption.

Link went on slashing his sword and killing all that came to him. Link had chopped so many in half or sliced their heads off too much that his tights were pure red.

The Shiekah took out its double edged sword. All Kirocs that looked opon it were scared. Their leader commanded them to go, so they did. The Shiekah sliced two at once, following all that came at it.

Link was down to the last ten on his side when one stabbed him right in the thigh. Link killed that one immediately, and finished them all with a prepared magic sword attack.

The Shiekah then said, Well, one-hundred twenty down, one left to go.

Link was confused. Wait, wait, wait, what do you mean by only one to go?

Just then Link was slammed to the wall again. The Shiekah then threw something on the ground and it disappeared. Now it was only Link and the Dorinad. Then there was a scream out of Link, Why did you have to leave? Would somebody help me?

Then out of nowhere, the Shiekah came out of the air, stabbing the Dorinad right on the head. The Dorinad swung back its club and it hit the Shiekah. Link ran, and then jumped up high enough to make his sword go into the left side of his chest. Link hurried up and got the sword out, but it was too late. Link was knocked in the chest by the club, and Link was slammed against the gate. He laid there, not even a sign of life.

Right then, the Shiekah got up threw the sword at the Dorinad's neck so it would go all the way through it. With a couple seconds, the Shiekah grabbed Link's Giant Knife, jumped onto the Dorinad's head, and cut it off.

The body fell to the ground, with only one person standing. The Shiekah ran over to Link, seeing if he was alright. Hey!!! Are you okay??? Hello???

All Link said was, Kokiri Kokiri Forest

Yes all get you to the Kokiri Forest now all you have to do is stay alive.

When Link woke up he saw a lot of people. There was only one who was different. He saw the Shiekah, standing tall over all the others. He heard children's voices saying, Link!!!

He's back!!!

He is alive!!!

They continued on and on, but then the Sheikah said, Leave us. Don't worry you will get to see him.

The Sheikah continued, Now, my name is Sheik. I gave Princess Zelda my identity when Ganondorf was around. Now listen carefully, my men and I are the only other ones that remembered what you did when Ganondorf. There is something I must tell you, but we have no time, we must visit the Sage of this Forest. Come on, we must hurry!

Chapter Three

The Forest Sage

Link was a little out of it still, but not out of it enough to realize that a person that he didn't know just saved him. So then he asked, First of all, why did you save me and second how do you know me?

Sheik stopped in his tracks and he turned around. His blue eyes were all towards Link. I saved you because I am part of the Royal Line of the Sheikah. Each sibling in each generation went and defended a part of land. All my brothers died because of the separation of the Sheikahs. Our family ran away from Kakario Village into Hyrule Field. While we were traveling, a group of Guerdos came riding on their horses. There was only one man, he came over and killed my brothers. I ran as fast as I could. There I found a horse. I quickly jumped on it and rode away. I was the only one to take after my father Shrikan. He had an instinct where he could sense danger coming. Now I have that. I rode away and have watched over the four parts of the land of Hyrule for years.

I know you because of when you left Kokiri Forest, I saw you go towards Hyrule Castle. So I followed quickly, and had gotten there before you. I saw you go past the guards. So I got permission inside the castle. I took a guard's uniform and watched over Ganondorf as he talked to the king. Then I looked out the window and saw you. After you left I asked the King to relieve me of my duties. I left and I watched everything you have ever done. So then I find you here and then you took the wrong way so I also followed you there. That is why.

Destined Love
By The LoZ Homepage WebMaster

Link and Zelda, there they sat.
They knew that it was time for a chat.
They talked and talked, it wouldn't stop!
Then some rain began to drop.
Zelda began to run and cry.
For Zelda wanted to be neat and dry.
Then, Link came by nice and sweet.
And swept Zelda off her feet!
Then, as Link ran her home.
She thought she would never be alone.
She knew this would live up to great expectations!
She knew this would become an extra relation.
She asked Link to stay at the castle.
The answer was immediate, there was no hassle.
They sat and watched some TV
Then, they decided to watch a movie.
As they went outside to watch the sun set.
Her father came in all mad and wet.
Then, he saw them out on the deck.
Also, Link saw him, and though he would be made into a wreck.
Then, her father saw Zelda happy face.
He's never seen Zelda so happy at any time or place!
Just when he was going to boot Link out the door.
He stayed quiet and wanted to see some more.
Link drooped and Link slouched.
But then her father asked him to come sit on the couch.
Finally Zelda asked him to go away.
He did not leave...He only stayed.
Just when Link wanted to run and hide.
The Father asked him to be Zelda's Bride.
Then, Link, flattered and shocked,
stood there, and then dropped.
Zelda, who was also surprised,
Noticed that the sun had raised.
They could get married today!
Then, she too fainted, where she and Link would stay.
Her father made some plans,
But would also need some helping hands.
He called the Kokiri people, the Zora people, the Hylian people,
The Gerudo people, the Goron people, and the Shiekia people.
With them he could make the setting,
And with them he could get ready for the wedding!
He got the wedding dress, he got the suit.
This wedding would surely be a hoot!
Finally, he woke up the two lovebirds.
And when they saw the scenery, their feelings could not be described in words!
The wedding would be a lovely day!
But how did this Princess just pick up such a stray!
They knew they would stick together like glue,
After they both said the words, I do.
Link then knew he would be King!
As he placed on Zelda a beautiful, diamond, ring.
For all these years! What have they missed?
But before anyone could answer, their lips were sealed, and they kissed.

By Ice Sage

All was quiet inside the Water Temple. Yet it contained an uneasy atmosphere. The waters of the main chamber were as smooth as glass. They had never before been more tranquil.

The waters told a terrible lie.

On the top floor of the Temple, there was a door. Strange carvings marked it as an exit. But the door led to a hole filled with water. A tunnel was in the water, which led to the outside world of Hyrule.

A figure, clearly humanoid but definitely not human, stood in the tunnel. Princess Ruto of the Zoras walked in the water and lifted herself to the door with the strange marks. Her fins fluttered in the air to dry herself.

Brrrrrrr. The water is freezing here. Almost

And then Ruto couldn't bear it anymore. She raised her iridescent hands to her eyes and wept. Tears streamed down her face and became lost as they rippled the Water Temple's many pools.

How am I ever going to find my way around this place? she thought.

Hmmmm......what would Link do?

Seven years had passed since she became engaged to a young, forest boy named Link, who had saved her from being digested in the belly of Lord Jabu-Jabu. She still remembered his blonde hair, his impressive sword skills, and his fierce, determined, eyes.

Oh how I miss those eyes.

But now Link was gone and she had to fight this creature alone. The being living in the Temple who was responsible for the tense uneasiness that she felt who destroyed her home, the only family she ever knew, and her father.


They are not dead! I won't let them die!

Ruto scanned what was in front of her. The main chamber of the Temple was huge! It had three floors, each with doors leading in all directions. Her violet eyes turned her face towards the door she had just entered. She could see Lake Hylia on the other side.

Or at least what was left of Lake Hylia.

Ruto almost cried again, but her hatred for this thing kept the tears from bursting forth. A small bit of her tomboyish, independent nature still remained from her childhood. This boosted her confidence that she would succeed.....with or without Link or Sheik or anyone else.

I will fight that creature or die trying! she vowed.

Ruto looked down. The water level was only up to the second floor. The fall wouldn't kill me. That is for sure. She took a few steps back, did a running leap off the ledge.........

* * * * * * * * * *

.........and did a perfect swan dive into the crystal clear waters of Zora's Domain. It gave her a certain thrill to play her favorite game since childhood, "Diving for Rupees". One by one she napped the colored stones. Her slender body cut through the water, giving her great control and speed.

Finally, she grabbed the last gem and burst through the surface of the water. She arched her back into a midair dolphin jump to show off for the owner of the game, who was watching the entire show with great admiration for the princess.

"I'm done!" Ruto called out to the top of the waterfall as she climbed out of the water.

The other Zora laughed. "Congrats, Ruto. I think that was a new personal best for time."

Wow! She's got everything. She's got get swimming skills, she's royalty, she's very beautiful and has a great personality that has matured a lot since her childhood.

I wonder why she has never found a boyfriend?

Ruto smiled at her triumph. "Hey, Ceran!" she challenged the Zora on the waterfall. " I bet you can't do any better!"

Ceran laughed at her challenge. "Ha! Just watch me!"

Ruto waved her hand and scattered the rupees she had just caught over the water for Ceran to capture. Each one fell with a delicate splash and sank to the bottom of the pond.

"All set, Ceran?"

The other Zora answered with a loud "Yee-Hah!" and jumped off the falls. Ceran performed his trademark "cannon ball", turning his body into a rolled-up position. He slid cleanly into the water and reached a depth lower than the distance Ruto's dive took her. From the ledge, Ruto saw him stay curled in a ball at the bottom of the pool.

Wait. Why isn't he moving to catch the rupees?

"Ceran?" she called out. "Ceran?" she said again, this time a little louder.

Why isn't he moving?!

"Ceran? Ceran!" she cried out. "He's not moving!"

Ruto's first thought was that he had hit his head on a rock. She rushed into the water to try and save him. As soon as her foot touched the surface of the pool, a sharp spasm of pain shot through her entire body. She gave a shout that held more surprise than pain. The water was so cold! Ceran had jumped into a pool that was almost frozen! He was in shock from the sudden chill and couldn't move. Ruto, still shivering, quickly ran out of the water. What am I gonna do?

Fortunately, several Zoras had heard her shouting for Ceran and rushed over to help. One of them was smart enough to bring a net used to catch fish at the bottom of deep pools. They dropped the net in the water and tried to catch the motionless Ceran. After a few tries, the Zoras managed to snag his leg. Slowly they pulled the net to the surface.

Suddenly, the net refused to budge. The Zoras grunted and pulled but nothing seemed to work. The pool was freezing before their very eyes and both the net and Ceran were frozen in the ice. Ruto jumped onto the water and ran across to the net. Her weight almost caused the forming ice to break under her feet for it cracked wherever she stepped. She ran to the frozen ropes, pounded a fist into the ice. It cracked but not by much. She pounded and stomped again and again until the ropes of the net came loose. Then she joined the other Zoras in pulling Ceran, and the block of ice he was encased in, to land.

"You guys try and get him out of that ice. I'm going to tell my father," she told the Zoras who helped her. Again she stepped out onto the ice. This time it was thicker and didn't crack under her weight. The air is colder, Ruto realized. She climbed up the ladder on the opposite side and ran up the stair to King Zora's chamber.

The water is frozen here too!

Then she looked up at her father's throne.........

* * * * * * * * * *

and screamed as a tektite jumped down from the room above her. The creature was one of the ugliest things she had ever seen. Its four powerful spider legs propelled it across the room and it's single red eye glared angrily at her. But Ruto held her ground. If she couldn't fight a tektite how would she manage to destroy the source of the evil in the Temple?

Ruto took up a defensive position and bared her teeth at the thing. She aimed a swipe at the blue spider but it leaped out of the way. She aimed another swipe. This one grazed the tough armor if the spider. It skittered backwards for a few seconds, then threw itself at her full force. Ruto's leg shot out in true Zoran martial arts fashion. Her blow connected with the tektite in mid-air and hit the red eye. The creature let out a deep whine and fell apart in a cloud of blue smoke.

The victor smirked and walked over to examine the pots the tektite was guarding. She broke one against the wall. A few bombs fell out of the rubble and rolled out on the floor. Leaving the pieces in the floor, Ruto picked up the bombs for later use. With that, she went back the way she had came.......

* * * * * * * * * *

........and returned down the stairs, still shaken by what she saw. When she reached the main pool of Zora's Domain, she covered her mouth in a gasp as her eyes met another awful sight.

The Domain was now completely frozen over. The waterfall she had dived off of moments before was now a large ice pillar. Icicles hung all over from the ceiling. But the worst part was that all the Zoras had disappeared. Ruto scanned the main pool. Maybe they were buried underneath. For a long time, she could only stand there in shock. She didn't even notice the shadow approach her.

"They are not here, Ruto," said a calm voice behind her.

Ruto whirled around and came face to face with a young man. He wore a blue bodysuit with frayed white cloth around his neck that also covered his stomach. On the white was an odd symbol that resembled an eye. His face was also wrapped in tattered, white clothes. The only parts of his face Ruto could see where his blonde hair and eyes.

Blonde hair!

Ruto almost had her hopes too high for her to handle when she realized that the eyes were not the same. This man had red eyes while Link's where more of a royal purple. Plus these eyes lacked the fierce look that she loved. These were calm and contained more wisdom than the determined courage of Link's.

Something about them still seemed familiar to her though.....

"Where are they?" said Ruto, trying to hide her surprise. "Who are you and how do you know me?"

The man nodded with understanding for her concern. "My name is Sheik. I am one of the few Sheikahs left.....besides one other."

The Sheikahs! Ruto knew that the Sheikahs were protectors of Hyrule's Royal Family. She had visited Hyrule Castle on an ambassadorial trip with her father years before the Gerudo King, Ganondorf, attacked the castle. She also knew that they held mysterious power in their blood.

That would explain why he knows my name, reasoned Ruto, who also had some small skill in mind reading.

"Now I suppose you are wondering where your fellow Zoras have gone to?" asked Sheik. "I've taken them to a place where they will be safe."

"Safe?" questioned Ruto. "Safe from what?" She was definitely becoming more and more confused with these strange events. The main pool freezing, the disappearance of the Zoras and her father.......

"Come with me first," replied Sheik. "You must go to your people before I tell you what has happened."

"Show me the way."

Sheik quickly walked up the stairs and back into King Zora's chamber. He stopped in front of the throne.

"Awful, isn't it," said Ruto from behind him. Together they looked on the king. He was encased in some kind of red shell.

"Red ice," muttered Sheik. "Very powerful stuff. At least he's not dead. I find some hope in that."

Ruto ran up the stairs to her father's throne. He's not dead. That takes a load off of my mind. Red ice? Never heard of it. She extended a hand to examine it.

"Stop, Ruto! Don't touch the ice."

Too late.

Ruto gasped as she quickly drew her hand away. That burns!

Sheik sighed and shook his head. "Red ice is not natural. It is actually solid fire. It doesn't freeze, it burns."

"And my father is burning inside of it?" exclaimed Ruto in fear.

"Not exactly," said Sheik. "If you look closely you can see that he's breathing. See? He is imprisoned in it as if he were in a cage."

"How do you melt this....this stuff? If it is actually fire, than it can't melt."

"Magic ice can only be melted with magic fire," answered Sheik. "We can get cold fire at the same place where the Zoras are located. Let's go."

Sheik ran past the King and out onto Zora's Fountain. Ruto quickly followed him into the moonlight. This place hasn't frozen yet. True, the fountain was still water, but a heavy snow fell on the two travelers. Together they went past the platform where Jabu-Jabu once sat.

"Jabu-Jabu? He's gone too?"

Sheik led Ruto to the top of the platform, which was now covered with ice. He pointed down into the water. "Look down there."

Ruto peered down into the water. Because of the night, she thought she could only see rocks at the bottom. One very large set of rocks jutted out of the other formations in an unusual way. Ruto looked harder at the strange rocks. They seemed to be more like dark crystals than rock.

Something is inside that crystal. Something big! Oh no!

She turned to Sheik in disbelief. Sheik could only nod solemnly. "Come, Ruto." He jumped into the water and swam to an iceberg. Ruto followed and climbed onto the iceberg as well.

"See that cave over there?" asked Sheik pointing to the western portion of the fountain where the entrance to a cave gaped open like a mouth.

"Yes?" Ruto replied.

"Jump across the icebergs and enter the cave. The Zoras are inside. Go find them and I'll catch up to you.

Ruto nodded. She drew in a deep breath..........

* * * * * * * * * *

.......and jumped onto the small pillar of water. To her surprise, it held her weight. Ruto took out one her bombs from the battle with the tektite, lit it and threw it at the crystal switch at the opposite end of the room. The bomb exploded, activating the crystal. The pillar she was standing on began to rise up like an elevator to the floor above her. Ruto quickly jumped off the pillar before it sank back to the bottom. The only thing in this room was a door. So Ruto opened it.

I'm back in the main chamber again. Ruto was now in some kind of alcove overlooking the central chamber of the Water Temple. On the wall was carved a picture of the Triforce. Beneath the picture, a passage was carved. Ruto read it aloud.

"Those who wish to open the gate on the far heights, play the song passed down by the Royal Family."

Ruto knew that song well. It was a necessity to enter Zora's Domain. But she had no instrument to play it on. Maybe if I sing it, thought Ruto. She hummed a chorus to the song. All it took were six notes. The Triforce symbol began to glow as the water began to rise up to the top floor.

That’s it! There must be three of these signs, one for each of the three floors. Since the highest level is found at the top floor, the lowest must be at the bottom.

Ruto dived back into the water and made her way to the lowest levels of the Water Temple. She planted her feet on the sandy Temple floor and ran around the center pillar, looking for a good route to take. Four doors lead in four different directions.

I’ll try the door with the torches.

So she passed through the……

* * * * * * * * * *

………door and walked in, armed with a bottle of blue fire in her hand.

I found them!

To her surprise the room contained a small, square, but very deep pool. Swimming inside the pool was a large amount of Zoras.

"Hey, Ruto!"

"Ceran! You’re ok," said Ruto happily. "How did you all get here?"

Another Zora spoke up. "A strange man appeared in the Domain while you were with you father. He waved his hands in the air, and blinded us with a strange light. When we could see again, we found ourselves is this room. It’s a little small but at least it’s warmer in here than out there."

Good job Sheik!

The Zora was right though. Ruto had noticed some ice as she first started to explore the cave. But as she went deeper in, the ice began to show up less and less. This room didn’t have any ice in it at all. It didn’t even feel cold. Ruto happily jumped in with water with other Zoras.

It is small in here. But it’s also very deep. I wonder how deep this pool is?

Ruto dove down into the water. She swam deeper and deeper. Suddenly another Zora zipped past her, sending her spinning out of control in the water.

"Hey, Ruto! I’ll race you to the bottom!" called Ceran.

Ruto laughed. "You’re on!"

The others thought this was a cool idea so the followed the duo from behind to watch the race. The two Zoras sped down to the floor of the pool with the others trailing behind. They raced past other Zoras, rocks, and crystals.


Ruto came to a dead halt and swam to a cluster of crystals growing on the wall. The others continued to follow Ceran to the bottom while she examined them. She touched one, dropped her bottle and screamed.

Those aren’t crystals! It’s ice!

"The pool is freezing!" she cried out in desperation to the Zoras at the bottom. Already some of them were motionless at the floor. The rest were trying to swim frantically to the surface. One by one they stopped moving and sank to the bottom. Suddenly, Ruto was attacked with another spasm of pain as the water chilled around her. She summoned all her strength to swim to the surface.

Got to keep moving! Don’t stop or you’ll die!

The water completely froze around her just as her right hand burst out of the water.

NOOOOooooooo… Ruto tried to scream but frozen ice filled her mouth. She couldn’t breathe. Her pain was so great that she felt relieved as the darkness came to consume her.

She felt a warm touch on her hand and a brilliant flash that dispelled the darkness. Immediately she collapsed on the floor.

"Thank heavens I got there in time! You were almost dead!"

I’m laying on a floor? That voice!

Ruto opened her eyes to see Sheik kneeling at her side.

"Why…..?" asked Ruto, too weak to finish her question.

"Shhhh. Don’t talk now. I’m doing all I can to restore you to good health. If you want to know where you are, you are in the Temple of Time."

Ruto looked around the large, gray room. One the opposite side was a large stone. Hovering above it were three gems. She recognized one of them to be her mother’s stone, Zora’s Sapphire.

The Spiritual Stone I gave to Link.

The room beyond it was empty. Nothing and no one could be found in it.

"Now you can try to stand if you want," said Sheik.

Ruto stood up and looked at Sheik in the eyes. He could see the anger that was brewing in them.

"Sheik, no more waiting. What has caused this curse to fall upon me and my people?"

Sheik sighed. How was he going to tell this? "Your Domain is closely linked to Lake Hylia and therefore you share the same Temple with it, the Water Temple. The state of the Domain reflects the state of the Temple. If the Temple is troubled, then so will be the Domain."

"But the Domain is completely frozen over! When has that ever happened!?"

"This means that there is a presence in the Temple. Something very evil is lurking there, a monster from the looks of it. This creature is the source of the evil in the Temple."

Well that leaves me no choice. "Take me to the Temple."

"Ruto, I don’t think you should…"

"Go to the Temple?" said Ruto angrily. After seeing all that has happened to me he is telling me to do nothing? "How dare you try to tell me not to return it to normal and save my home. My people. My father."

"Okay, You’ve made a point," said Sheik before Ruto got even angrier. "But be careful."

"I will. I’ve gotten this far haven’t I?"

"Not without help."

Those words took a moment to sink in.

"And I think you will still need help defeating this monster." said Sheik firmly. "But if it is your wish, I will send you."

He took a small, golden harp from behind his back and began to play. Blue spots of light poured out the harp and surrounded the princess. When the light swirled out of the window, Ruto was nowhere to be seen.

All was quiet inside the Water Temple. Yet it contained an uneasy atmosphere. The waters of the main chamber were as smooth as glass. They had never before been more tranquil.

The waters told a terrible lie.

On the top floor of the Temple, there was a door. Strange carvings marked it as an exit. But the door led to a hole filled with water. A tunnel was in the water, which led to the outside world of Hyrule.

A figure, clearly humanoid but definitely not human, stood in the tunnel. Princess Ruto of the Zoras walked in the water and lifted herself to the door with the strange marks. Her fins fluttered in the air to dry herself.

Brrrrrrr. The water is freezing here. Almost

And then Ruto couldn't bear it anymore……………

* * * * * * * * * *

A small tear formed and became lost in the water surrounding her. Sheik was right. She needed help. Badly needed help. She was so upset she didn’t hear the thud and the steady pounding of steps get closer and closer to her.

Probably another spike trap.

Ruto slowly turned around, preparing herself for battle. In the doorway stood, not a spike trap, but a man. He wore a blue tunic on his body.

Link wears green.

Iron boots on his feet.

Those aren’t Kokiri boots.

Then Ruto saw his face. The man had blonde hair…..

So did Sheik.

….and fierce, focused, determined eyes.

Suddenly Ruto was filled with relief. A small smile slowly developed on her face as the tears began to disappear. Everything is going to be all right.

"Link, is that you?"

"Oh! You are Link aren’t you?"

"You’ve been very bad to keep me waiting these seven years."

The Beginning……

* * * * * * * * * *

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